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Updates for Team B... was that not obvious enough?


Something to help you focus

I think it's great for when you really just need to focus a bit and concentrate. With some good headphones, you can zone out and ignore all outside noises!

All of the team B teachers' websites are here

Textbooks: Usernames and Passwords

Social Studies:
                         Password - ga11hist
Language Arts: Different for each person.
                         HOWEVER - some stories in the Literature book can be found HERE.  
                         Username - rivertrail
                         Password - x7f6v
Math:                ACCELERATED Students:
                - You have to create an account if you don't have one.
                         Mathematics 1
                         eEdition - GA ISBN# 9780618950546  
                         Activation Code: 3585759-30
                         ADVANCED Students:
                         Click "Interactive Books"
                         Username: math8class
                         Password: math8book                      

Real music (<3 KL)

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