Team     Updates

Updates for Team B... was that not obvious enough?

The Basics

All basic knowledge, rules, and regulations of the website will be here.

1. I don't invite members. There's clearly a register button. Look I'll add one right here.

2. The administrators are leaders here. Listen to them

3. Do not ask me to become a Moderator or Administrator. If I see that you're doing well and contribute, ehh... I might think about it. 

4. Moderators and Administrators are limited to 3 posts per day on the blog. 3 posts at 11:59 and 3 more at 12:01 does not count.

5. We can remove positions, kick you out, or block you from the website at any time. Keep that in mind.

6. Blog posting is only for Mods and Admins. The Forums and Guestbook, however, are open to all members.

7. Try to check the front page for important information and website updates. HW updates are usually on the Blog.

8. Be nice to all members on the website. 

9. Do not post random events on the calendar. We can see who posts each event. 

10. Do not share any information you've gotten here with any outsider or teacher. We are a private unorganized organization that needs to be solitary.

11. Administrators can edit the website, so suggestions or information can go to them too. I can't handle everything. I'm lazy.

12. I'm still taking suggestions and comments, but all I'm saying is that Admins can take them too.

13. Do not spam. We will block you.

14. Try not to mention the website publicly in school or anything. Once again, we are a private unorganized organization that needs to be solitary.

15. I'm often wrong, so you don't need to scream if there's a missing apostrophe somewhere.

16. The calender is actually very useful. I advise all members to keep it updated and check it constantly.

17. I know it's stupid how the website's still under construction with 30+ days of school left after we've been through like 150. Don't judge.

18. That's about it... I don't know why I'm numbering these, but don't the numbers look all pretty and organized on this unorganized organization?