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Updates for Team B... was that not obvious enough?

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I'm aiming to do some major update with the entire website sometime soon. Be prepared.

All new members should check out the BASICS PAGE first. (Before I get emails asking me to invite people)

Recently I've found out that the calendar is updated with so many things, relevant and irrelevant. I can even look at it and find something like $7 rice sale at the supermarket this weekend or something. My point is that the calendar is actually a lot more useful than you all think. Check it out.


Update 4/20/14 - Survey responses taken, read the blog for results. Update coming soon. I've taken all opinions into account.

Homework Blog- Team B.

Mr. Pinholster
Ms. Lavi
Ms. Medina
Ms. Wang
(World language is different for each student, so that's optional)
Founder- Steven Y.
Administrators- Aparna, Christie, and Steven#2
Moderators- Gina, Maia, Suma, Chinami and Shirin
Members- Anybody on Team B can join

Once members are approved, they must all complete their "profile" for full membership. Just me approving is not enough.

The blog, forums, and guestbook are basically all the same things at different places, so feel free to post wherever you guys want. I believe the blog will be used more, but it shouldn't matter

Note: No notes so far. It's honestly quite amazing if you even come this far down to see the notes...

Check the Members Page for everyone who has joined.

Check out the Resources page for useful links and files!

All updates will be posted on the Blog.

Don't forget about the Forum and the Guestbook, too!

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